Bible Records


Bible Records Found at the Camden Archives and Museum as of Aug. 15, 2006.

Compiled by Dallas Phelps.


Copies of Bible records are available for $10.00.  Make check payable to the Camden Archives and Museum and mail to Camden Archives and Museum, 1314 Broad Street, Camden, SC 29020-3535.

The Catawba Wateree Chapter of SCGS is collecting Kershaw, Lancaster and surrounding Counties of South Carolina Bible records for
publication. Please send your records to be included. These Bible Records are presently on file at the Camden Archives and Museum.


Alexander, John

Alexander, John Thomas

Anthony, George M.
Ancrum, Thomas James
Arrants, Nathan B.
Baker, D.C.
Baker, Lemuel
Barnes, David
Bateman - Myers
Beasley, Abram
Beckham, N. M.
Blair, James R.
Boozer - Padgett, 1948

Branham, John Murray
Branham W. L.-Hays, E.
Catoe, Burwell
Caughman, Bernard
Clyburn, Miles Lenard
Coats, Daniel W.
Colvin, John R.
Corbett, Hampton H.
Craig, John
Davis, Garrison
Davis, Jonathan H. - 1817
Dees, W. J.- 1853
DeLoach, R. Cannon
Dogan, Joseph H.
Dowey, Robert P. 

Drakeford, Richard Morgan - 1886
DuBose, Isaac - 1806
Dunlap, James
Elliott, Robert B.
English, Joseph

English, Robert M.

Etters, K. C.

Fields, Elijah L.

Fletcher, William A.
Freeman, William Ely - 1961
Gardner, Daniel
Gardner, Isaac- 1866
Gaston, Robert
Hearon, J. E.
Higgins, John O.
Hinson, Jackson Elijah
Holden, Thomas J.
Holley, Richard
Hopkins William Wesley
Horton, Gilliam King
Horton, Henry Cato
Horton, John Stanley- 1848
Horton, Wylie
Hough, Isaac Chalmers
Hough, Joel, Jr.
Hough, Jr., Joel,
Huckabee, Willis Booker
Humphry -  Pearce - 1870
Jackson, Thomas-1857
Jeffers, H. Thomas - 1912

Johnson, William E.
Jones, Samuel

Jones, John L.
Kelly, A. J.
Kelly, Wiley
Kirkland, William - 1828
Lang, Thomas L.

Lee, Joseph-1870
Love, Isaac
Lyles, John V.
Marshall, William Duncan
McCaa, John
McCoy, Benjamin
McDowell, A. A.

McDowell, J. A.
McKay, Robert, 1878
McLeod, Alexander
McNaughton, P. L.
Merritt, Andrew H.

Mickle, Robert Alexander- 1865
Middleton, W. M. Cantey
Miers, A Aburtus (Fractur)
Milling, Dr. John
Moore, William Henry
Morris - Watford - 1947
Moseley, J. C.-1859
Nelson, John Alexander
Nettles, Hiram
Nixon, Rev. John
Norris, James C. - 1886
Outen, Clarence

Pauling, Hamilton C. - 1882

Peake, William Milton -1916
Pickett- Cason-  Boulware

Raley, John & Levina Stroud
Rape, Henry R. & Mary Jane Howell
Ratcliff, Benjamin Charles (19--)
Ratcliff, Benjamin James - 1859
Ratcliff, James
Ratcliff, Wm. Columbus - 1896
Roberts, John Reed
Rowell, James Harvey - 1878
Rutledge, John
Sanders, Charles
Sanders, William

Sessions, Thomas C.
Shannon, Henrietta- 1866
Sinclair, James

Stinson, William S.
Stokes, Joseph Furman
Stokes, William Wesley

Summerville & Fletcher

Swing, Riley Thornton - 1860
Taylor, Andrew M.
Thompson, Elijah

Truesdale, James Thomas
Vincent, S. A.
Watts, John Malcom
Watts, Thomas
Williams, William J.
Wood, Mason


Eventually the intention is to publish these Bible records when a qood quantity is available. A total of least 200-300 can best represent a good BIBLE Record book of Kershaw County families. If you have family Bible in your household please allow us to copy the family page and include your family in our book or send copy the page of marriages, births, and deaths with the front page of when the Bible was published.




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